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Auralex Acoustics was founded back in 1977 because the acoustical products available at that time were way too expensive and had important disadvantages. In fact, they were so expensive that even the big-budget broadcast and recording facilities couldn't afford them! Eric Smith knew there had to be a better way, so Auralex was born out of his garage. Finally, great sound was available to all... not just the rich.

Now, more than three decades later, Auralex is still providing great products and great advice!

Our products offer the best performance regardless of price.

Having been in the acoustics, sound reinforcement, broadcast and recording fields ourselves for so many years, Auralex has a good feel for what's needed, what really works "and what's fluff." Over the years, they've fine-tuned their line and now have in place solid products to solve virtually every acoustical problem - regardless of room size, shape or function. Auralex doesn't make "me too" products, so if a product's in our line, you can rest assured that it's the best it can be at solving a particular problem. You can trust Auralex for solutions that absolutely work - even better than some competing products that can cost many times the price.

Some folks question how our products can truly be the best on the market, yet be so reasonably priced. It's because they work on shorter profit margins than their competitors and subscribe to the Henry Ford business model. (Mr. Ford said he'd rather sell a million cars for a dollar apiece than sell one car for a million dollars.) Why'd he say that? Because he knew satisfied customers would spread good word of mouth about his products and also return themselves to buy more from him in the future. It must work: Auralex gets way more referrals and repeat business than any MBA school textbook says a company should. Since satisfied customers have proven to send their friends to Auralex, they operate - and price their products - in such a way as to gain more satisfied customers.
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